Which Might Be The Causes of Hypothyroidism?

There are many factors that can increase susceptibility to suffer from hypothyroidism also can be many triggers of this disease.

Below we list some causes.

  • Autoimmune disease: The most common cause is degeneration and subsequent destruction of the thyroid gland tissue, due to a process that confuses the immune system to thyroid cells with the body by attacking foreign bodies. This is Hashimoto’s disease where the body becomes allergic to thyroid hormone) and atrophic thyroiditis.
  • Treatment with radioactive iodine, radioactive iodine is used to destroy the thyroid gland when the patient has thyroid cancer and nodular goiter.
  • Gland removal, with surgery if the patient has thyroid cancer, nodules, etc..
  • Inflammation of the gland, called thyroiditis and this is caused by a virus or an attack by the immune system (autoimmune).
  • Availability of iodine the gland needs iodine to produce hormones. The same is found in foods we eat. The intake should be adequate and that little or too much iodine can cause or worsen hypothyroidism.
  • Congenital hypothyroidism: the baby is born without the presence of the gland or partially developed. Sometimes the gland can be formed in a different place (ectopic thyroid).
  • Other: There are certain medications that can block the normal functioning of the gland, such as, interferon alfa, lithium, amiodarone or interleukin-2.

Cretinism: Congenital hypothyroidism

Cretinism is a form of congenital (autosomal recessive) of the thyroid gland, causing a delay in mental and physical growth.

Cretinism arises from a deficiency of the thyroid gland is to regulate thyroid hormones. They have permissive effects on the growth of muscle tissue and neurological disorders. A person afflicted with cretinism suffers serious physical and mental delays. Sometimes the subject may have the physical stature of a child, when in fact the person is much higher. Other symptoms may include quite faulty pronunciation, a protruding abdomen and waxy skin.

Cretinism may occur in several ways. If a person is born without a thyroid also suffer. You can also develop a deficiency of iodine. For this reason, cretinism has historically been more common in areas where the soil has little iodine.

If treated promptly with thyroid hormones and with the addition of iodine to the diet, significant progress can be seen (H and Mental Development).

Needless to say all sorts of idiocy severe mental retardation and dwarfism are irreversible even with appropriate treatment but this is, why is it so important for the early detection of hypothyroidism by neonatal screening to prevent these injuries and the person can lead a perfectly normal life, avoid cretinism in children but in some cases is inevitable.

Symptoms of Cretinism

Since thyroid hormone levels in blood decrease, slow down the metabolic processes affecting both body and mind. Symptoms may be mild or severe. The most common are: fatigue, depression, cold intolerance, dry skin, brittle nails, hair loss, memory impairment, constipation, fluid retention, menstrual irregularities, muscle pain, unintentional weight gain.

Hypothyroidism can occur at any age but is more common in women over 40 years of age. It is estimated that this group, 10% of women suffer from hypothyroidism, and after 60 years of age, the incidence increases as most important by 20%.

In younger people, and children, hypothyroidism is rare. Of particular importance is the detection of the disease in newborn infants. In these, about a week old, is being shot in the screening test or proof of heel. In that test, taken a few drops of blood from the heel of the child to perform various tests that seek early detection of certain metabolic diseases and neonatal hypothyroidism. In the latter case, the child is born without his thyroid gland and thus develops a thyroid hormone deficiency that if not detected and treated promptly, can lead to the development of cretinism, a condition characterized by severe mental retardation, deafness, lack of growth etc.

If you develop hypothyroidism in childhood, growth failure may occur (low height), sexual development early or late puberty, goiter, tiredness, poor school performance, and so on.

Fundamental to measure thyroid function prior to or during pregnancy. Maternal hypothyroidism can cause abortion (about 6% of all abortions are caused by untreated maternal hypothyroidism) or learning problems in children born to untreated hypothyroid women.

The manifestations of hypothyroidism can be easily confused in the elderly. In such cases, many symptoms (such as fatigue, memory problems) can be confused with effects of age, psychiatric disease or dementia. Therefore, you should have thyroid function tests, routine and periodic in older women.

BoilX – A Solution For Boils?

If you’ve ever had boils you’ll know that they’re one of the most uncomfortable skin problems, and BoilX is a brilliant solution for anyone who ever gets boils (it’s good to keep in your medicine cabinet too, just in case you or any other family member gets a boil). So, what exactly is a boil? Well a boil is also known as a skin abscess. They often appear in skin creases and folds (which is the worst place possible, as there’s always pressure on them), and can also appear on the face, on buttocks, and other areas of the body.

Boils are therefore not only painful, but they can also be embarrassing! So what causes boils? Well they’re essentially infections in the skin, and are therefore caused by bacteria that have entered the skin. When the skin gets infected deep down, a boil will often be the result. It starts as a reddish colored, tender spot, and later becomes hard, painful and pus filled (much like a bad whitehead pimple). It’s only when the boil actually erupts and the pus is able to drain out that it can heal.

What is BoilX Effective For?

People who tend to recurrently get boils have a condition called Furunculosis, and they usually need medical treatment to deal with these boils. The recommendations for boils tend to be hot compresses, plus antibiotics. While hot compresses are a great idea, it’s never good to continually use antibiotics. The problem with antibiotics is that while they do work they’re not very specific about the bacteria they kill! Antibiotics kill both harmful bacteria and healthy bacteria, which really sends your body out of whack. It’s also possible for bacteria to actually become resistant to antibiotics. All it takes is for a mutation of a single cell of bacteria that makes it resistant to antibiotics, to create an entirely antibiotic resistant colony. And what happens then? You take antibiotics, and they don’t work (although they’ll still often kill the body’s necessary bacteria!)

Fortunately, with Boilx on hand antibiotics is a thing of the past for many boil sufferers. It’s a new treatment for boils, and doesn’t require a prescription. It’s simply used three times a day, and the following symptoms of boils are relieved naturally and safely!

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Heat
  • Stinging
  • Sensitivity
  • Itching

So, how does BoilX Work?

Well, as described in earlier posts, it’s a homeopathic treatment that’s simply sprayed under the tongue. It is quickly absorbed by the bloodstream, as it bypasses the digestive system. Such sublingual application is an efficient means of transporting many medications and ingredients into the body faster. What this also means is that symptoms disappear more quickly AND none of the medication is lost, as it may be during digestion.

Another great thing about BoilX is that it can be used with other medications, as it’s completely safe. As you’ll most likely know, many other medications and antibiotics may be harmful if you’re on medication for something else. That’s the great thing about homeopathic remedies. They’re almost always safe to take in conjunction with other things.

How Do Breast Enhancement Pills Work?

Women have been making the effort to look more beautiful since the beginning of time. Beyond changing the color of her hair, or plumping her pouty lips, many women also want to increase the size of their bust by taking breast enhancement pills.

Studies affirm that women are happier and more productive when they feel good about themselves. Supplements, which are more cost effective than breast augmentation surgery, are one way women are seeking to obtain the look they want.

But are these pills safe? And just how do breast pills work?

In order to be most effective, breast enhancement pills are usually used in union with other products like creams, gels, lotions or serums that promise to help firm breast tissue. These pills are usually formulated with natural ingredients known as phytoestrogens.

Hormones, like estrogen, prolactin, and progesterone are what are responsible for the growth and development of breast tissue and glands. Phytoestrogens are plant based substances that mimic the positive effects of estrogen, which is one of the star players.

When phytoestrogens are combined with other herbs, vitamins, and nutrients that have been proven to help enhance breast health, the body is given what amounts to a hormonal boost. For women who elect not to have surgery, a natural breast enhancement program may be a viable alternative.

Phytoestrogens are safe for healthy women. Unless there is a pre existing hormonal imbalance, and too much estrogen is already being produced, there should be nothing to worry about. Even in that case, these plant based phytoestrogens levels are not typically high enough in breast enhancement pills to cause serious health problems.

While the cost of breast enhancement pills vary, it is important to remember that you often get what you pay for. Puriefied herbs and standardized proprietary blends may cost more to manufacture. Cheaper products may contain a lot of fillers and artificial ingredients that are not easily absorbed by the body.

Read labels carefully. Make sure the product you buy has all of the ingredients listed either on the product, or on an official website. Know what the ingredients are, and what they can, or cannot do to enhance breast size. The inactive ingredients in high quality breast enhancement pills should be for the purpose of binding the others together and are not usually harmful.

Also, be aware of any drug interactions that these natural ingredients may have with other medications or supplements you may be taking. Talk to a pharmacist if you are not sure. These pills do not usually have adverse side effects when taken by themselves, but, because their ingredients are effective, they may react with something else you are taking.

For more information about breast enhancement pills and how to use them  visit www.breastenlargementresource.com.

Looking For The Best Lower Ab Exercises?

Nowadays people are looking to have a perfect body shape and there is a trend to look slim and smart. The round belly does not give a pleasant look and people are in search of different exercises by the help of which they can reduce their weight and can turn their belly to normal. People also want to have the zero- figure especially the women and to attain this it is necessary to do the best lower ab exercises. The exercises for the abdomen and the lower abs are a bit tough and require a lot of hard work to get the perfect result.

It is not easy to find the best exercise for the abdomen and it is really frustrating when you come to know that you are not getting any benefit from them because you are not doing them right. So it is necessary that you select the best lower ab exercises and try to follow them in the right way. There are a few exercises which can help in the workout of the lower abs and they have to be done in a systematic manner. These exercises are:

  • Bicycle crunch

It is the easiest and effective exercise for the lower abs. In this exercise a person lies on the floor with his face straight up towards the ceiling. The head is lifted a bit and is held by both the arms. The legs are twisted and the right leg is brought forward and the left elbow is brought nearer so that both touch each other while the other leg is kept straight in the meanwhile. The process is repeated with the opposite leg as well and is carried on till you lose the breath.

  • Twists and crunches

It is also one of the best lower ab exercises and it really works. The person lies straight and is required to bend the legs. The right side of the body is lifted and the right elbow is lifted. Similarly the left side of the body is raised and the same thing is done. This helps a lot in the exercise of the lower abdomen and results in the best lower abs.

  • Double leg crunches

To do this exercise you have to rest you back on the floor so that your body is parallel to the ground. Raise the legs and the knees are kept bent. The hands are placed behind the hips and the heels are raised little inches above from the ground and are kept in this position for a few minutes. This exercise is done for a few minutes and it proves to be the best lower ab exercises.

  • Side ball crunches

Another exercise is the side balls crunch in which the back is rested on the ball. It is just like the normal crunch exercise and helps a lot in lowering the fats from the sides of the body and the lower abs. it also helps to build the lower region of the abdomen and to control the fats of the body.

Silicone Breast Implants

woman with a silicone breast implantWomen with big breasts always seem more noticeable and are more desirable by men. Research also proves that women who have a larger bust are generally more confident of themselves and have a higher self esteem. On the other hand, ladies with smaller breasts will feel mediocre compared to this group of women and they will start to feel insecure about themselves. If you are one of those people, there is always an option out as there are many ways to increase the size of your breasts. Some of the popular methods includes getting plastic surgery, consuming hormonal pills or to using medicated creams.

Plastic surgery is the fastest and most effective way to get your breasts enlarged. Breast enhancement surgeries are carried out by qualified surgeons who will insert silicone breast implants beneath your breast to make it fuller and bigger in size. The artificial implant which is made of silicone gel is placed beneath the chest muscles or under the breast tissues. Silicone has no side effect towards the human body and it does not emit any waste. Therefore, implants are safe for all women, even if you have a breastfeeding baby.

Before getting the operation done, it is important to consult your surgeon on several matters. Your surgeon will want to brief you about the size of the implants and the realistic results of the operation. Despite of the breast size that you desire, your surgeon will give you advice on the optimum breast sizes for your body shape, height and weight to ensure that the surgery does not cause you to look out of proportion. A mammogram scan will be done to see whether you are a suitable candidate for breast surgery. Before getting the implants, it is important that you stop or minimize intake of substances that will slower down the healing rate of your body. These substances include nicotine, aspirins and other anti-inflammatory medication.

Breast enhancement surgery is a fast operation and it will only take several hours to complete. Once the surgeon has implanted the silicone breast implants in your chest, you will be allowed to leave the hospital right away. You might also want to stay for a night if you are still tired from the operation. Dressings and stitches from the operation will be all removed within two weeks after the operation.

And for the first few months, your doctor will advise you to wear support bras to prevent your breasts from sagging and to help maintain the shape of your breasts. Discoloration and swelling of the breasts might be present, but it should all dissolve away within the first month. As for jobs, it is fine to carry on with regular office work and household chores, but do not do anything that will exert yourself, like lifting heavy boxes or playing sports.

Always remember that getting silicone breast implants carries some risk together with it. There might be side effects and complications from the operation. It is always important to consult a surgeon beforehand to help you understand the cost, effects, harms and benefits that will result from the surgery. Use this information to help you make a better decision.